Chesapeake Men's Senior Baseball League
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Member: Ed Nottingham
Team: Chesapeake Indians
Year Inducted: 2015

Member Bio:

A 1983 graduate of Mount St Joseph High School, Ed began his adult baseball career in the Central Atlantic Baseball League as a member of the reknowned Trojans Athletic Club in Baltimore City. Since 1997, Ed has played in the Chesapeake MSBL and has experienced great success on the mound by bringing his tenacious and competitive talent to the Chesapeake Braves (1997-2004) and the Chesapeake Indians (2006 to present) pitching staffs.

While playing for the Chesapeake Braves, Ed led the Braves pitching staff in the late 90's and early 2000's to multiple Chesapeake MSBL League and Regional Tournament Championships. On the national stage, he pitched in and won three (3) complete 9-inning games in a six day span to bring home the first MSBL National Fall Classic Championship to the Chesapeake MSBL in 1998. During the Chesapeake Braves run at the National MSBL Fall Classic, Ed never lost a game in Florida and could be counted on to take the ball and deliver a positive outcome for his team in big game situations.

As a member of the 35+ Chesapeake Indians, Ed has been the team's catalyst in winning four (4) Chesapeake MSBL 35+ Division Championships along with having great success in each All Star Game he has appeared in.

In addition to Chesapeake MSBL play, Ed was a member of the 2004 South Florida Seadogs 28+ National MSBL Fall Classic Championship Team and was a significant contributing member of the 2005 World Masters Games 30+ Gold Medal Championship Team (USA Baseball).

Coaching his two (2) sons, Ed, III and Joe, Ed has worked with hundreds of kids in Baltimore City and surrounding counties by volunteering his time, talent and treasure to numerous baseball, football and basketball teams including the James Mosher Baseball Little League, the Yankee Rebels Baseball Club, Howard County Youth Program (HCYP) and Mount St Joseph High School. Coach Ed can be counted on to have a fun, disciplined team, that plays hard, is focused on fundamentals. Ed is never too shy "talking" to team mates, opponents and umpires while he is on the field, in the stands, standing in the parking lot, or across the street from a game venue.

Ed is the 19th member of the Chesapeake MSBL Hall of Fame. His induction took place on February 17, 2015.

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