Chesapeake Men's Senior Baseball League
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Member: Alex Brunet
Team: Chesapeake Braves
Year Inducted: 2007

Member Bio:

Alex has coached, played, and served in a leadership capacity in the Chesapeake MSBL from 1996 through 2008. Alex managed the Chesapeake Braves for eight seasons (1996-2003) compiling a 240 - 48 record (0.833 winning percentage) and seven (7) Chesapeake MSBL League Championships.

In addition to his Chesapeake MSBL Championships, Alex managed the Braves to four (4) MSBL Regional Tournament Championships. The MSBL Regional Championships were obtained in Richmond, VA; Lehigh, PA, and the Chesapeake MSBL Columbus Day Regional Tournament on two occassions.

One of Alex's most significant accomplishments as a team manager of the Chesapeake Braves occured at the 1998 MSBL Fall Classic in which he led the team to the National Championship Title in the 28+ Central Division. This was the first time a team from the Chesapeake MSBL has won a National MSBL Tournament Championship.

In the 1999 MSBL Fall Classic, Alex managed the Chesapeake Braves to the Championship Game in the 28+ National Division in which the team finished as runner-up. He led the Braves to two Final Four appearances in the MSBL Fall Classic 28+ Division in 2000 and 2001. Since 1998, Alex has played in either the MSBL World Series or MSBL Fall Classic and has been a member of two MSBL Fall Classic Championship teams playing for the Southern MD MSBL's 38+ National and 47+ American Division teams.

Alex has served as an adult baseball league representative to Anne Arundel County Rec & Parks (1998-2001) and founded the Chesapeake MSBL Columbus Day Regional Tournament in 2000. He served as the Tournament Director and organized the MSBL Regional Tournament from 2000 - 2006.

Alex has been involved in community activities promoting baseball by being part of the Friends of Joe Cannon Scholarship program. In addition, he was co-owner of the Frozen Ropes Baseball & Softball Training Center and is a noted baseball instructor who assisted several students in obtaining college baseball scholarships and professional baseball contracts.

The contributions Alex has made to the Chesapeake MSBL as a player, manager, and administrator in addition to being a mentor to youth baseball players and a business philathropist to promote baseball in the community are commendable.

Alex became the second member inducted into the Chesapeake MSBL Hall of Fame. His induction took place on February 17, 2007. His number, 7, has been retired from All Star Game play.

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