Chesapeake Men's Senior Baseball League
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Hall of Fame Members
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Member: Gary Gladden
Team: Chesapeake A's
Year Inducted: 2007

Member Bio:

Gary played baseball for Severna Park High School for two seasons (1975 & 1976) and went on to play at Anne Arundel Community College for two years (1977 & 1978) and had the privilege to participate in the Junior College World Series in 1978.

Gary became the Chesapeake MSBL Treasurer in 1993 and held the office of Chesapeake MSBL President from 1995 through 2003. Prior to the County Rec & Park department taking control of the Adult Baseball Program, Gary faced many challenges to keep the Chesapeake MSBL intact.

At one point the Chesapeake MSBL had as many as 12 teams and as few as 4 teams, but he managed to keep the league together and promoted team and member participation in MSBL Regional and National Tournaments.

Gary played for the Chesapeake Dodgers(1991 & 1992) and has managed and played for the Chesapeake A's from 1993 through 1995. He maintained the same core group of players for 13 consecutive years in addition to his responsibilities serving as President of the Chesapeake MSBL.

Gary has participated in MSBL Regional Tournaments in Washington DC; Pittsburgh, Harrisburg & Allentown, PA; Long Island, NY; Charlottesville & Richmond, VA; and also the Chesapeake MSBL Columbus Day Regional Tournaments. One of his highlights in MSBL Regional Tournament play was pitching both ends of a double header in the 1996 Harrisburg MSBL Regional Tournament.

Gary has also participated in National MSBL Tournaments. He has attended the MSBL World Series in Arizona (1993 - 1996) and the MSBL Fall Classic in Floriday (1997 - 2005). On of his highlights in MSBL National Tournament play was managing the Chesapeake A's to the Final Four of the 28+ Central Division in 2000.

Gary became the first member inducted into the Chesapeake MSBL Hall of Fame. His induction took place on February 17, 2007.

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