Chesapeake Men's Senior Baseball League
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Hall of Fame Members
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Member: Frank "Jocko" Svoboda
Team: Anne Arundel Umpire Association
Year Inducted: 2008

Member Bio:

Jocko has been involved in baseball as a player, manager, and umpire since 1943. From 1943 to 1957, he was a manager and coach in the East Baltimore area. He started coaching at the age of 17 for the 14-16 year olds with the Lincoln Athletic Club winning three of the first four Baltimore City Cardinal Gibbons Tournaments. Jocko soon moved up the ranks in coaching the 16-18 year old team, Butta Brothers and McKenna Pontiac. Those team were the best in Baltimore back then. His 1950 Butta Brothers team went 65-0 in Baltimore and then attend the All American Amateur Baseball Association (AAABA) Tournament in Johnstown, PA and extending the streak to 70-0 before losing the last two games to the Brookly (NY) Cadets led by Joe Torre and his brother Frank.

After coaching, Jocko became an umpire in 1958 and continued to Umpire until the early 2000's. He is on of the best and most popular manager or umpire in the Baltimore Metro Area. His hustle and desire to give kids and coaches the best game he could was admired by many. His between innings trademark yell, "A lotta life, Fellows!" was inspiring. A list of his many accomplishments include:

- Founded Anne Arundel Umpire Association (AAUA) in 1977;
- Founded the Anne Arundel County High School Fall Baseball League in 1983;
- Named Anne Arundel Amateur Baseball Association Man of the Year in 1989;
- Received the United States Baseball Federation Umpires Award in 1990;
- Cited by the Friends of Joe Cannon for Outstanding Contributions to Amateur Baseball in 1993;
- Received the Elks Club Citizen of the Year Award in 1994;
- Recognized as the Maryland State Association of Baseball Coaches Umpire of the Year in 1998;
- Received the Bob Pascal Award for contributions to Interscholastic Athletics in Anne Arundel County in 1998;
- Inducted into the prestigious Old Timers Baseball Association Hall of Fame in 2000;
- Received the Anne Arundel County Sports Hall of Fame County Executive Award in 2002;
- Continues to organize and host the Friends of Joe Cannon Scholar Banquet to recognize and honor Anne Arundel County High School Scholar-Baseball Athletes in which scholarships totaling $6000 are awarded each year to deserving recipients.

The Chesapeake MSBL recognizes one Umpire from the Umpire Association providing services for Chesapeake MSBL play to an umpire who best demonstrates and performs to the high standards that Jocko established. These standards include: Knowledge of the Rules; Attitude toward players, managers, teams and fans; Hustle and Enthusiasm; Consistency and Mechanics of Calls; and Game Control.

Jocko became the fourth member inducted into the Chesapeake Hall of Fame. His induction took place on February 23, 2008.

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