Chesapeake Men's Senior Baseball League
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Hall of Fame Members
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Member: John Goode
Team: Chesapeake Pirates
Year Inducted: 2008

Member Bio:

John has served as Vice President of the Chesapeake MSBL since 2007. John played high school baseball at Southern High School in Harwood, MD, and began his coaching career in 1991 as an Assistant Head Coach for the Southern HS Varsity Baseball Team. In this capacity, he transformed a JV team that had not won a game in three years into a county championship team that finished with a 15 -1 record three years later.

Since 2000, John has coached Little League for the Annapolis Baseball Club and the Severna Park Green Hornets. His two sons give him the opportunity to work with the next generation of baseball stars by teaching them the fundamental skills of the game while also imparting the importance of good sportsmanship and respect for the game as well. He has coached several Little League All Star and Select Teams to the State Tounament Level.

While mentoring the youth in the art of baseball, John continues to perform at a competitive level in the Chesapeake MSBL as both a disciplined manager and player for the Chesapeake Pirates. He is an advocate of the Chesapeake MSBL and supports the organization in the capacity of advisor, planner, and participant in charity fund-raising, All Star Games, and the Chesapeake MSBL Columbus Day Regional Tournament.

John has managed and participated as a player for the Chesapeake Pirates in the MSBL Fall Classic and the Chesapeake MSBL Columbus Day Regional Tournament. The Chesapeake Pirates are well known throught the Chesapeake MSBL for several noteworthy accomplishments that are a direct result of his leadership. These include professional uniforms, a family-friendly dugout environment, mandatory team practices in snow, 7-page player contracts requiring attorney interpretation, excessive beer fines for his players in violation of contract terms, and noted post game tailgators that go late into the night.

John became the third member inducted into the Chesapeake MSBL Hall of Fame. His induction took place on February 23, 2008. His number, 9, has been retired from All Star Game play.

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